"You are out of business if you don't have a prospect"

Zig Zigler - American Author
We all as service-based business managers and owners need a successful lead generation strategy that attracts people to become paying clients, people who have an interest in our services, and most importantly have an interest in our brand.

But turning these people into paying clients need a big important step which you always forget. Building Trust.

Because without trust why should they choose you and not the other thousand options?

Good price? There is a lower.

Good quality? There is better.

24/7 Customer support? Most of them have it.

Good offer? They are not interested.

So in this article, I am going to share 4 ways to successfully have an unsuccessful lead generation strategy.

"Failure is another stepping stone to greatness"

Oprah Winfrey - American Host

Don't Know How To Say No

One of the direct roads to the abyss when creating your lead generation strategy is not knowing how to say no.

⚪ No to yourself.

⚪ No to your boy/girlfriend.

⚪ No to your manager.

⚪ No to your client.

Why? Because lead generation isn’t what you or they think about the strategy.

Lead generation is a combination of psychology, sales, marketing, market research, and most important math. You should rely on statistics and the information you have gathered from your market research. and answer the questions people have even if they seem ridiculous to you.

So, create what your audience likes, not what you like, you are not your audience.

Talk In General

Let’s say you are a 32 years old man, a father of a kid who always breaks your mobile, who has an interest in the Interstellar movie and searching for a mobile to buy.

And you went to the mall and heard someone saying “I sell mobiles”.

From 1 to 10, how much are you attracted?

What if he said, “I sell unbreakable mobiles to adults who have kids and want a long-lasting mobile”

Higher a little bit?

What if he said, “I sell mobiles used in the Interstellar movie, and as long they are not broken from going into a massive black hole, your kids can’t break them to” Did he get your attention? Maybe you will also pay more than your budget to get that mobile.

This is what you should do. You cannot say the same content to people with different goals, hopes, pains, interests, cultures, ages, and a lot more. They won’t respond.

If you sell digital marketing services, you cannot talk about “the importance of digital marketing” – that you can tell to a startup – to a CMO of a 1 billion dollar revenue company who is searching for a “marketing in the Metaverse” strategy.

Be Specific.

Make An Ad That Looks Like An Ad

If you are a sales consultant, and your manager asked you to make a financial plan, will you do it as it should?

Of course not. Why? Because it’s not your role.

So why do you give your ad a role that isn’t for it?

The role of your ad isn’t to sell the service, it’s to sell the click. JUST THE CLICK.

But to let people make the click you should understand what encourages them to do it.

If you are a B2B business focus more on teaching, because businesses like to learn.

If you are a B2C business focus more on entertaining, because consumers like to entertain.

And to understand how to do this you should use here the psychology we talked about, because what makes us unique as humans are our feeling and emotions. So why don’t you use them?

To encourage people to make the click you can use:

⚪ Curiosity.

⚪ Fear.

⚪ Shock news.

⚪ Vanity.

⚪ Benefit.

⚪ Interest.

Just create an intrigue that let people make the click and see the magic of the lower CPC you can get.

Don't Offer A Guarantee

Ok, you understand your targeted audience, made an ad that doesn’t look like an ad by creating and intrigue, helped people.

That sounds good till now, you get their attention and told them that you can solve their problem, and they kind of trust you.

Also, some case studies and testimonials can also increase trust. But to turn this “kind of” to “take my money” you need an extra step.

Something that let them feel safe, especially because as a service-based business we only sell promises, there is no physical thing they can see so they can check if your solution can really solve their problem and change their lives.

Because they believe that moving their money from their pocket to your pocket is still risky.

The solution is easier than you think, but it needs your commitment.

Are you willing to treat each project as it should be done? If yes, so offer your guarantee.

After offering your guarantee check how much your closing rate increased.


To have a successful lead generation strategy stay away from your personal emotions, be more a scientific person and use math, try to help people by actually helping them to build trust, give each element of your strategy the role that it should take, and finally talk directly to your specific audience about a specific guaranteed solution for a specific problem.

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